1934 Aston Martin MKII Le Mans (G)

Chassis number :  D4/422/L

Engine number :  D4/422/L


What an amazingly original car this is!

Totally un-restored and un-messed with. Just used and enjoyed and constantly maintained with originality all the way down to the original colour and a copy of the original build sheet from Aston Martin showing information about it’s engine and chassis numbers as well as both the dealer delivered to, and owner it was built for. This is a piece of history on wheels!

This car has driven finished the Flying Scotsman rally for the second time in a row. Driving all the way from Holland to Edinburgh and back by road without even a stop for oil or water.

Amazingly for a small pre-war motorcar it is fast, nimble, lots of leg room, and with good brakes and handling it is perfect for someone who wishes to enter any rally throughout the world, and it is of course eligible for the amazing Mille Miglia, which it has already participated in and finished twice.  

What would you expect, “it’s an Aston Martin”

What are you waiting for?  If you want one of the most charming and authentic cars on this planet,

 “you need this car”! Unfortunately it's too late...