Talbot T11 Figoni & Falashi cabriolet 1937

Chassis No 87169 

High standard restoration 

Exceptional elegance 

Prestigious brand 

When he bought Talbot in 1934, the polytechnician Anthony Lago decided to streamline the brand's portfolio which then became Talbot-Lago.

Three new chassis with different wheelbases would be emerging, with T11, T15, T17 and T23 engines. Powered by a 6-cylinder 2 litre engine, the T11 model is fitted onto the smallest chassis and features in the catalogue until the 1937 model. Despite this rationalisation, Talbot Lago remains more of a coachbuilder rather than a large manufacturer producing model series, as evidenced by the great diversity of bodywork offered in the catalogue. 
This particular car is one of the last T11 chassis to be produced and is graced with a beautiful Figoni et Falaschi designed bodywork very similar to that used on one or two of the larger T23 and T150 models. It is probable that it was a bespoke request made by the customer to the Talbot Lago factory. It is in this form that the car was acquired from Mr Duverne in the early 1990s by the father of the current owner, who then managed the CZMIL workshops, specialized in aeronautical equipment and mechanics. The latter confirmed that the bodywork of this cabriolet was in a very poor condition, he took the initiative to carry out a total restoration keeping special attention to the original specification and authenticity of this fantastic car. The car has had a complete high quality restoration that can still be admired today. It has travelled only 800 km since then and has just benefited from a proper service following a long period of immobilisation. It will consequently be up to the future owner to finish the running-in period, which will be much appreciated after driving it. Refined along with a breath-taking elegance, and not to forget a high level restoration, this superb convertible would be a pleasure for every enthusiast.