1937 Cord 812 Beverly Sedan

  • Concours standard

  • Superbly restored

  • Matching numbers


How to describe this beautiful car?


The design of the Cord 810/812 remains one of the most distinctive of the 20th Century. In 1996, American Heritage magazine proclaimed the Cord 810 sedan ‘The Single Most Beautiful American Car’. The ‘Classic Cord’ Hot Wheels toy car of the 1960s, a convertible coupé, is one of the most valuable, and commands up to US$800 (2006) if still in an unopened package.


The 1937 Cord sales brochure mentioned that “of the 24 American makes of motor cars, 24 of them are all of one kind: rear drive.  One car is in a class of its own: the front drive Cord.”


“The Cord is in contrast to the common place!

The Cord is a thrilling new experience!

The Cord is inspiration for all automotive engineers, pointing way for them, to future developments!

The Cord is a rebirth of the pleasure of driving an automobile!

The Cord is the model for other manufacturers to pattern after!

The Cord is a totally new interpretation of the function of a motor car!

The Cord – for its owners – is more than a remarkable new car. It is a new world!”


The offered car has won the Young Designers Award Concours D’élégance  Paleis Het Loo in 2018 and remains in absolutely Superb condition and with a 4.2 Litre Lycoming designed V8 it does not lack power!


Asking price: 155 000,- Euro