1954 Jaguar XK 120 SE DHC

Chassis Number:    S 678409
Body Number:    P 2689
Engine Number:       F 3509-8S

Jaguar Heritage certificate #43633, and fully original.

Originally designed to showcase Jaguar's new twin-cam motor, the XK120 was an immediate hit when it debuted in October of 1948. Strong public reaction convinced company founder William Lyons to put the streamlined roadster into production, with the Jaguar XK120 becoming a huge influence in the next few decades of sports car history.

Described by many as "jewel-like", the XK motor was built under direction of William Heynes. The under-square 3.4 litre size was derived by an 83 mm bore by 106 mm stroke. Underneath the polished covers were a pair of chain-driven camshafts, which sat atop an aluminum-alloy head.


Hemispherical combustion chambers allowed use of larger valves, with domed cast-aluminum pistons boosting the compression ratio up to 8.0:1. With a pair of side draft carburetors, output was 160-horsepower and an equally impressive 195 lb/ft of torque. Able to reach 120 miles-per-hour, the Jaguar XK120 was the fastest production car of its day.


The XK dual-cam motor was a marvel of engineering, and would power Jaguars for another two decades, including the 1961-1969 “E” Type

A race-prepared XK120 finished first in class at the 1951 Le Mans race, Jaguar's first win there since 1935. One of the more impressive of its many records was the grueling "Seven Days and Seven Nights" competition of 1952. A fixed-head XK120, near the end of the event, broke a spring, and was still able to finish and set a new record with an average speed of 100.31 mph.


The car offered here is in absolutely stunning condition, the current owner being absolutely meticulous with servicing and upkeep, Even the colour is the exact match to the day it left the factory. This car is ready to use “or show” it is that good!
You will not find a better one on the market today.

Asking price: 115.000 € or near offer